Invaluable Service and Selfless Sacrifice

Respect, honor, duty, commitment and care for one’s brothers and sisters in arms are just a few key qualities we admire in our military veterans. These attributes inspire and drive us to expect the best from ourselves and our Heritage Construction + Materials employees. Our veterans are drawn to our company because they know they are part of a community and culture where hard-working individuals care for each other, their families and their communities. An unwavering desire to tackle the big problems, do the right thing, build long-term relationships and create enduring value are what we seek in ourselves and our people and what they value in themselves. At HC+M you can find a place and build a career where you truly belong.

Meet HC+M's Caleb Jones, A US Agg Veteran

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Meet HC+M's Zeb Swan, U.S. Marine

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I left the Army 20 years ago, and I still have the same feeling: to be the best version of myself for my family and country. As I think about how my military experience translates to my role, adaptability, versatility, perseverance, and professionalism come to mind.

Maly White, Executive Assistant, Heritage Construction + Materials

The U.S. Army taught me to work as a team, to plan ahead and be able to overcome adversity. These skills are useful in the work I do for US Aggregates.

Kris Grandlinard, Plant Manager, US Aggregates

My military experience translates because I was trained in many types of equipment, and did many repairs, sometimes in less than ideal situations. I learned to act quickly and to get jobs done while maintaining safety.

Chuck Espeland, Mechanic, Tri-State Asphalt

I am an organized individual due to the discipline I received in the military. I am a dedicated employee and a team player. I never miss a deadline and always get things done early.

Sherri Thompson, Estimating Support, Milestone Contractors