You might like working in Trucking and Logistics If...

  • You like to be behind the wheel of big trucks and machines.
  • You enjoy independent work but appreciate being part of a larger team.
  • You want a stable job that brings you home to your family every night.

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Lead Mechanic

AMI- Meigs Transport, LLC
location marker Portage, WI
gear-icon Trucking and Logistics

What’s it like to work in Trucking and Logistics at Heritage Construction + Materials?

Trucking and Logistics roles are critical to delivering materials to our clients and internal teams. Logistics organizes the supply and transportation of cargo, and truck drivers get behind the wheel of our fleet of support trucks, tanker trucks, box trucks, lowboys and more. As a truck driver, you’ll transport and drive equipment to and from job sites and assist, load and supervise the loading of trucks to ensure proper order and weight distribution. And the best part? Most of our truck driving roles enable you to return home every night.


Anything I need, Heritage Construction + Materials will support me to become a better truck driver or to help me in daily life- anything to support employees.

Lane Conway- Truck Driver, Tri State Asphalt

Build a Lasting Career in Trucking and Logistics