What We Do

What’s it like to work in Research, Development and Innovation at Heritage Construction + Materials?

Heritage Research Group, our in-house research and development team, is an essential part of our innovation and business development initiatives. Working in Research, Development and Innovation, you’d be a part of the globally-recognized team that’s responsible for analyzing, formulating, engineering, designing and testing our products and their application. Additionally, team members will be on the leading edge of our sustainability commitments and industry contributions.

Opportunities vary, but here are a few jobs we’re often looking to fill:

  • Asphalt Engineer
  • Engineering/Environmental Intern
  • Lab Manager
  • Lab Technician
  • Lead Analytical Chemist
  • Pavement Materials Engineer
  • Project Engineer
  • Research Chemist

You might like working in Research, Development and Innovation if . . .

  • You enjoy applying science and discovering how things work.
  • You enjoy the lab but are also eager for field time and fresh air.
  • You welcome complex challenges and like to provide innovative solutions.

If we’re sent a problem or product that requires a variety of testing equipment, we can figure it all out here. I can use so many different instruments in different rooms of the lab because we have all that access.

Alyssa Howard — Analytical Chemist, Heritage Research Group